Because of the dark nature of Alexis’s situation it would only be right to give the space a dark moody feel. As if a dark cloud is hanging over her head so i figure lets make it thunder and rain. I played heavy rain on the PS3 and the weather would reprisent what the characters emotions and situations. Happy memories would be in sunshine and flowers and life or death and bad situations would have Heavy Rain. The whole colour palet of this game was, dark colours, reds, greys and blues, no bright colours and bright colours would mean happiness and the game wasn’t based around a happy situation.


This concept of mood matching the weather reminded me of another example of it being used in gaming. Ico on the PS2, yes its an old one but when Ico gets separated from Yorda Ico finds him self traveling through the wind and rain trying to find her and I found this quite and emotional part of the game as thus far is has been very light and beautiful. But in this part you feel alone, cold and like apart of your character has been chopped off. I could only find a small example of that part of the game.