I dont want my environment to feel in anyway new. I want it to feel used and half heartedly maintained. The showers and tiles are old, the grout dull, water stains from the pipes in the showers. Old copper pipes that have gone a bit green. Wet dirty foot prints coming fro the main entrace. The leather punch bags and speed balls worn and patched up. The mats on the floor a bit worn so you can see the canvas coming through. Hopefully this can give people an idea of how i want my gym to feel.The images i chose on my mood boards are pretty much how i want thing to look.

I have to say i’m not looking forward to texturing at all. when things are in grey scale it looks neat and clean, and i feel the same when i draw. i prefer black and white shaded, it tend to ruin the image if i add color but we shall see the out come.