I got the idea to have a radio in my game while I was playing Deus Ex on my PS3. Though-out the game I have come across several radios in apartments and offices with dialogue about the controversy a round augmentation. Although every time I come across this recording, it has a very short loop and becomes a bit repetitive, something i’ll need to consider when recording mine.

This made me think about the use of radios in other games.

In Fallout 3 you would come across them in houses and you also had one on your Pip boy. It would play music relevant to the time period the game was based around and look like it was from that time period.

fall out


For the recording of my radio and help with the scripting I will be looking or rather listening to some radio station and make notes on how they speak and what they talk about and how to introduce songs so that I can add a few Verax numbers.

The dialog I make could give off hints about the type of city and game it is, things like…

News, “A young woman was shot and killed today in an attack at her home, the incident is said to be drug related” ” crime has risen by …% since…” It could suggest dirty cops and things like that.

On a legal note, I had a quick chat with Bridget about using someone else’s music and if I need some form of contract. It turns out that I don’t , as it is up to them to protect their rights to the music and as it is not making money from the use of their music. But just incase I have printed off the conversation with the Verax representative and put it in my sketch book for my reference.