I alway took time to appreciate the effort that game developers put into their games but having to crate my own that respect has deepened. There is so much to think about right down to the smallest detail. Everyday something new pops into my head, like do I want the doors already open in my level or do I want them to interactively open, if so I need to find the script and then source a sound to coincide with the action of the door opening. If I make my character speak that means making the mouth move etc. As usual I am aiming to high, but I have a HD imagination, when I think of an idea I will create it to my standard of expectation. I am realistic, I know it isn’t going to look photo realistic, but I am going to try my best and I am hoping that the lighting will help me blur some of the fact that it is not photorealistic but will aid in the illusion. I may be aiming too high but i am fully prepared to cut out aspects like Chloe in the shower if i run out of time. I would rather cut content and work on the quality of the remaining to produce that to high standard. I hope I wont have to cut anything.