I would really like my character to move around and interact with the environment so I have roughly jotted down some walk paths.

Plan 1

I initially wanted the character to walk around the space so that when you bump into her it activates the pre recorded dialogue giving the player an idea of her personality and emotional state of mind. But looking at this map the walk path seems pretty pointless, like I have made her walk around for the sake of it.

Plan 2

I like the idea of her doing a few moves on the punch bag, but I would be making a lot more work for myself. I don’t know I’m not liking the idea of her on the gym floor. Still feels un-intresting.

Plan 3

Looking at some pictures of female boxers for poses I thought about actually having Alex in the boxing ring. Initially I disregarded the idea because I really wanted to use the dialogue when the player approached / bumped into the player. But having a think about it I could still use the dialogue, just on the approach when she is close to the edge of the ring and scrap the idea of bumping into her. Yes some of the script I wanted wouldn’t fit in this case, but I could adapt it to fit my new idea.

This plan feels a lot more thought out. I still have an opportunity to use my dialogue and it shows off a little of Alex’s character. I don’t want to do massive boxing movements in the middle, just enough for it to look like she is going through the moves in her head.