In today’s creative practice lesson Annabeth was talking about Advertising in gaming, but in this post I’m going to flip it round slightly based on what I picked up yesterday. In the canteen they always have the newest issue of ShortList available. A Free magazine on the news in film, style, cars, sports, tech and business. Being an avid gamer I was quick to spot the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 on the cover. Upon picking it up I noticed that the front cover wasn’t printed on the normal thin paper but a more substantial and glossy paper with vibrant advertising of the new Battlefield 3.

Also underneath this front cover was a different, what I would class as the normal, Shortlist front cover.

Now I picked up this magazine because of the Battlefield cover, assuming that there would be an article in the magazine about it. I found a very small snippit consisting of about 150 words. To me this was disappointing, but what I am trying to get at is that they used a game to advertize a magazine, to make a certain audience pick up the magazine. Although I was disappointed with the article it hasn’t stopped the fact that I picked up the magazine because of the front cover and now that I have a copy of that magazine I might be inclined to read other articles and come across other advertisements, also if I leave it out on my coffee table my flat mates might also be inclined to pick it up and read it.

I thought this was a different spin to advertising within games to advertising with a game.