– Mums radio

I think i’m going to have just speakers emitting the radio. A short conversational piece and the song by Verax ‘ Time wasters’. The song lasts 3:43 minutes so the conversational piece shouldn’t be more than half a min, just a little banter and introduction of the song. I don’t want it very prominent, just background sound really. Yes it will be repeated on a loop about every 5 minutes but as this is a prototype for a game and it being only one room, I don’t think it would be explored much longer than that so it wouldn’t feel repetitive to the player.

So here’s the script for the Radio, that I would like to do personally. Always wanted to be in a video game XD.

Sup listeners I’m Donna Brooks on Stoney Hills radio joining you on this (ahem) beautiful Saturday night, I hope the weather isn’t spoiling your plans too much. Later on we have the local news and weather which will include the latest update on the Bellstone drug trafficking.

But before all that I have a treat for you, in a few minutes we will be talking to the epically named Auran Lyonheart about Verax’s new single “Timewasters” In the mean time lets have a listen to their new track… the time is 8.04 PM

(play track 3.45 min)

…(5sec overlap) if you’re just joining us, that was Verax’s awesome new single, “Timewasters” alvalible to download now on iTunes…And here with me in the studio is Mr Auran Lyonheart himself… (fade out )

5 sec silence then loop

Just need to book the sound booth now.

Done and Done!

Went in to college today (3/11) with the full intention of finishing my model, but to my dismay the first years had the studio all day, so I was at a bit of a loose end after or 1 hour lecture.  So I thought I would see if I could record my script for my radio! Went to see the guys in the bubble and within 30 mins I had it done. Seeing as Mary was in the same situation I dragged her along too. It was so much fun! and felt really professional! Was very easy to use and got it done in less than half an hour! I did have plans to do it myself but it was so much easier to have two of you in the booth, one working the computer and the other reading the script. I have a few more recordings to do so I will take that experience and make sure I have help to make sure things run quickly and smoothly. Just need to select the recording I want, and edit in the song.

I did take a couple of snaps on my mobile but they are pretty poor.

But I will be doing some more recordings! 😀 so ill try get some better snaps. I need to record Alexis’s and Chloe’s scrip and a few object sounds.