Last week I started to model my character by importing my turn around as an image plane in Maya and using that as a template to model around. I was very dubious about modelling as i struggled last time in the animation module, but something just clicked this time! and when i saw that suddenly I had an arm in front of me I was grinning like a Cheshire cat! My character was materializing in front of me by my hand! wow. but looking at my initial drawings I can see that some of the proportions are wrong, hands and feet are too small and the thighs are too long.

So I am going to take a T-pose template and start my model again, then tinker once I have the overall shape of my model to make her more individual and give her the characteristics of Alex. As my tutor mentioned proportions are something that needs to be perfected in the design stage,before modeling, an over sight by myself but something I wont forget in my next project.