Having grown up playing Tomb Raider I have watched her go from as little as 300 polygons in 1996. Needless to say she was very pointy in places compared to the 5000 polygon model in 2007. Every year poly count are increasing as technology progresses, computers and games consoles are about to process the information a lot easier.

I have tried to find out how many polygons they have used for the new 2012 Lara with no success. In fact trying to find poly counts on any current game character is proving difficult.

With the help of my friend I have discovered that 6000 polygons on average were used for Crysis 2 3rd person character. considering the poly count for Lara in 2007 was 5000 does that mean that the poly count is starting to plateau, do developers need to use that much more? or is it the technology holding them back? will we see higher poly counts for the next generation of consoles?