To add to the dislike of my first model the chest were just so wrong, they were far to big and and an odd shape, I just didn’t know where to start.

After talking to Matt he said that the contours of my Polly model were very straight and I needed to think about the real contours of the body. And so I needed to draw in the contours of the female body using the edges. This is starting to make things a lot easier especially with the use of the interactive split tool. I can practically draw in the line and then erase and unused edges’ and vertex. We found an image of a Polly female that really helped me model the breast on my second model attempt. This is definitely something I shall always remember when modeling next.

I can see that on this model they have made a spiderweb drawing with the edges  for the breasts. If my character wasn’t wearing a tight sports bra/top I wouldn’t have worried too much but because she is I want to make sure they look right.

Having found this image I looked up other female polygon models to help me make my model.

Below is a screen shot of one half of my face, I was trying to follow the example of the edge flow using a smaller poly count. I didn’t quite have it right, but with the help of my tutor Matt it looks a lot better.

One thing I did think about was when I have modeled my basic female model could I save it and use it as a preset for another female model in the future and just tinker with it. Surly it would save time and time is money. But is that bad practice? cheating??