The following are my personal notes that I took on my ipod today at BAF. They might not make much sense to anyone else but the do to me and I will be expanding upon them in my creative practice and critical & contextual studies.

  • Portal story line-through environment. Better way of telling a story because ppl are playing through the story not listening and skipping through text. Forced upon or different?
  • Games don’t generally need a good story line to sell, critics 9/10 even with negative comments about predictive stereo types and repetitive speech.
  • Funding – ppl who trust what ur doin or not, give u money but get restrictions . Ur idea could lead to something u didn’t want, but fine public or own money to make the game you want.
  • Google kick starter-
  • Zombies run
  • Roland and Locoroco are they related?????
  • What ppl do you need to make a game??
-Business owner
-Game director
-Fx artist- partical effects
-Sound artist
(what other specialists do you need?)
  • Whats my games USP, unique selling point??
  • How to sell yourself in a presentation.
  • think about when releasing games what other games are there coming out around the same time.
  • Unity what is it and what can u do? Who are they? How fast have they expanded ?
  • buy the book; Film a Critical introduction by Tom wallis
  • How much of us learn things from computer games even if it's not an educational game?
    We grew up learning through play, growing up and continue learning through play can be socially unacceptable.
    World is being take over by games(weetabix box) games like target a iPod and win it in the net.
    How many hours are games played a week? 3billion hours.
    Mainstream gamers have a bad name but 70% of the population are gamers from solitaire to cod.
    Average flash game £5000 to make, never going to compete with ......