Again, these notes are for myself and i will expand on them in crit and creative studies.

Topology post -what is it?

-dead island
-3D scanning how it came about, stereo photograph by architects.
-(1) laser scanning.pinging information on time it takes for laser to get bk, still used a lot in film, Harry potter, clash of the titans. Very expensive only big companies.
-(2) structured light scanner- high res mesh. Not best for scanning ppl better for static objects
3d camera 15 frames a sec
-(3) optical/photogrammetry. Active scanning arch-tech body scan
Check out zbrush

4D capture
-photogrammetry scan, 4 cameras, 60 frames a second. Captures motion and tracks. Software scanner killer.

Nick Adams – design manager for puss in boots The game(Xbox kinect) ( watch the movie)
-start with the player, use the character to drive the game.
Deliver a hero experience, make the player feel like a hero. Connecting the player to puss using kinnect. Not complete matched movements on puss from player but gestural, made the player feel better.
( Egocentric bias ) what is it? How’s it effect how ppl see games?
Usability testing
– kids, let them play and get into is and observed. Didn’t want a big tutorial, wanted it to feel instinctive movements. If the kinnect fails to read a movement it can kill the game and magic for the player. Usability testing very very important.
-keep it simple, don’t over complicate (something I always tend to do)
-what they learned
Start with the player, make sure it’s fun
Deliver a hero performance
Be cleaver with the tech
Test test test
Keep it simple

Team bondi -Brendan McNamara

The getaway
Don’t ten to use real actors because it draws attention to the performance. Just used voice actors.
Magnet motion capture for the getaway.
LA noire- Depth analysis
Tried to capture facial performance separate to body DIDNT work. Looks unnatural.
When you talk your neck changes shape.
Look at noire trailers and analyse animation.
Sub surface scattering ?

Goldeneye :reloaded-motion capture

– Darby easter placement in mocap. Giltbrook studios
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Use proffetional stunt actors
Innovation north motion capture
The virtual camera and actors have virtual glasses of the seen the actor is supposed to me integrating with and react to any other actors that might not be on set but in the game.
Setting up Sence for actors to perform against.
Hight res texture photography for textures.

Contacts for sports