Critical positions on the media and popular.

Expand on points on pp (aims)

Hand out quotes

What is culture ?

Complex to define

A process of intellectual,spiritual, abs asrhetic development of a particular society at a particular time.

Global cultures.

Working culture

Sub cultures

Base/Superstructure slide snap shot refers to last weeks lecture.

Popular culture 4 definitions

– well liked by lots if ppl

Paintings. Banksy art in museums

-inferior kinds of work

Works that inspire to be popular culture but fails, quality press vs popular press

Popular cinema vs art cinema

Pop entertainment vs art culture (who is each side aimed at?)

– work deliberately setting out to win favour with the ppl

anything that aims to be popular. Aims to be understood. Work that is hard to understand seems to be more important.

– culture actually made by the p themselves

Bands , brass bands, communities.

Made by the ppl for the ppl

The appearance of first class and working class created different culture, working class pubs etc first class opera.

Frankfurt school

Defined ” the cultural industry ”

2 main products- homogeneity and predictability

When u watch a film it is quite clear how it will end and who will be rewarded, punished or forgotten.

The world is made to pass through the filter of culture industry.

Authentic culture vs mass culture qualities

– real

– European

– multi dimensional