Everything seems to be clicking this year and i’m really enjoying modelling.  I was lucky to find measurements of a toilet and imported that information into the scale of a cube and used the pictures in the top, side and front image plan. An if i do say so it looks fantastic!!! I am super happy with it! its just reassuring confidence in myself that I can do this, it will just take time. I am also becoming quicker. The base of the loo took my a couple of evenings, be as I used maya a lot more I modelled the sisten,handle, pipe and seats in a couple of hours. Having the two loo seats wont make the three toilets look all the same. I can alternate between loo seat up or down to give some variety and sense of usage. I could also perhaps make it interactive and the loo seat lift up. I learnt that things can come together quicker if you have a top image plane for items like this.


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