I’ve been thinking, maybe I have taken on too much again. I have been looking at my environment and i might have to axe the changing room idea. Mainly because the deadline is coming up pretty fast and i have been i’ll for the past week which has made it very hard to get anything done. I have been pushing myself again but that is the only way i know how to get things done to a standard. So my plan now is to focus on the gym area only and finish that and IF I have time I will do the shower rooms. I just don’t think I will have time for it as I still need to source textures and sounds for the gym area, I would rather polish that to a high standard than botch it because I wanted to do too much.

So… i have cut

– changing room










I had already started to model items for the changing room. I’m most disappointed that i cant include my toilet! i am really proud of it but i wont disregard this objects, as after the dead line i would like to continue working on my environment and add the shower room. My loo was a defining moment for me! Suddenly all i had learnt in Maya had just clicked! and i just got better at modeling quickly and efficiently and was thoroughly enjoying it.

Initially i wanted a drinking fountain in the gym but instead of using time , which i was short of, to model it i decided to use the sink, as it is not an object that is unlikely to be in the room. I wanted the showers and shower doors interactive, to open and close and to use some particle effects for water turning on.

– Managers office

Every gym has a managers office or staff room and to take away from the square symmetry of the space I wanted a little managers booth that you could look into but not access and have a phone randomly ringing to add to sound. Again i plan to put this in at a later date.

– Chloe

If you have read the short background story, Chloe is Alexis’s ( pain in the bum) sister, of which the storyline revolves around. I was never going to model her but imply the presents of another person. By having one of the shower cubicles inaccessible and by adding the sound of running water and some particle effects for steam, i could create this illusion that Chloe is in the shower. I also recorded a script with Mary as voice actor, of a few short sentences that would give the player a clue about the storyline, triggered randomly when entering the shower section. The idea that Chloe thinks its Alex that has entered the room.

– little animations

To make the space more interactive i had plans to have a few very short object animations these included

  • loo flush
  • swinging punch bag ( to take away the static from everything in the gym) also a triggered animation when bumped into.
  • speed ball to move like being hit when clicked
  • speed bags to move when clicked

With little animations sound follows so i would have need to record sounds on top of animating, and the list of things to do was getting longer and longer.

I did achieve movement in my speed bags with the help of Annabeth using a hinge joint in unity. Something i need more practice at.

– Alexis extra animation

I knew i was pushing it when i said i would like to experiment a little with motion capturing a little 2 action punch for Alexis to execute in the middle of the ring, like she was practicing her boxing moves. I only wanted to do it so i could play with mocap a bit.

Potentially i got get really carried away and work on the for several more months. although i would have loved to include all of there i am still more than happy with the way the cropped version of my idea is coming on. if i had included all of the above i don’t feel i would have achieved a quality i would have been happy with.