I came across this image when looking for boxing poses for my character and this was a pretty perfect image to take reference from for my jump animation. It’s a very sporting jump and I think I will defiantly use this as inspiration to create the animation jump for Alex.

Since i decided that I wanted a sporty character i was trying to get permission from a few boxing gyms to gain visual reference. Unfortunately after a number of e-mails i never received any response… so…  Jeff and i recorded our own reference. I knew how I wanted my character to move, and i have had experience in boxing myself so although i am disappointed I still was able to get the footage I need. Something i will consider in gaining reference footage next time is rather than E-mails i should either speak face to face or on the phone. This way i can get a quicker and definite response.

We recorded several poses, walks , idles etc, at different angles that i could then import in to Maya through after effects as a image sequence, apply the to a plain, and key frame my character in time with the video sequence.  With the image sequence i could pick out key poses as a still image for ref, which i found very handy for the idle pose’s.

I’m really please that i use referance material because i think the overall finished animations look really good. I was very excited to see her moving, giving her character, weight and life! I have really got the hang of keyframing this year. Its not perfect, some frames feel very robotic but i am slowly, ironing out the kinks. My favorite section is the idle, seeing her shift her weight and cross her arms is a great feeling of achievement and I can only improve from here.