For my fist humanoid character I think I did pretty good. I do need to work on the topology of the face but I am grasping the concept slowly. I think the colors work well even though I couldn’t get the textures working on the animated rig unfortunately. My geometry looks very cubic, but I think that’s down to topology again. I did smooth the mesh and she looked fantastic! Her legs especially! The texture on the shorts look really effective. When smoothed her face looks a lot better and looks slightly more human. I did spot that in smooth mode seams are much more visible. I couldn’t really leave her in smooth because it took the poly count to over 10000 and that was over the limit. Plus it would slow down the frame rate in unity.

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I had a slight problem with the mesh when i tested the import in unity. I spotted a hole in the shorts,  it wasn’t a physical hole but a back to front normal. I font understand much about normals yet but what i do know is that if they are back to front they are invisible.  It’s a quick fix, just means popping back into Maya, selecting the face and select reverse normal and re export the FBX. This was a handy thing to know because it happened a few times with some objects in my environment. It turns out that my whole speaker was inside out but we sorted it, i think i must have dragged the face into the negative past the opposite face, turning it all inside out.