Although I couldn’t make this lecture I have taken a look at the Powerpoint, annotated and investigated the subject. All my annotations are in red text.

Technology will liberate us

Technology drives history – 

“The automobile, for example, is often spoke of as “causing” a whole array of social changes, from the creation of suburbia, to the development of the fast food industry, to the paving of farm land, to the imported oil vulnerabilities of the 1970s.”

Technology and the division of labour-

“The rapid spread of computer technology has led to substantial changes in the division of labour and a shift in the demand for labour in favour of skilled workers.”

“The worker is cut off from his productive power as result of mechanical reproduction”

Social Alienation of people form aspects of their human nature as a result of capitalism- 

-Alienated form other human beings. Alienated form distinctive creativity and community  we share.

“A widely-reported 2006 study argued that since 1985 Americans have become more socially isolated, the size of their discussion networks has declined and the diversity of those people with whom they discuss important matters has decreased. In particular, the study found that Americans have fewer close ties to those from their neighborhoods and from voluntary associations. Sociologists Miller McPherson, Lynn Smith-Lovin and Matthew Brashears suggest that new technologies, such as the internet and mobile phones, may play a role in advancing this trend.”