TBWALondon launched a whopping £20 million integrated camping for Muller yogurt called wonderful stuff. But… the advert looks like it should be a promotional advert for a theme park or Disneyland! It is, in my eyes overkill. The average ad last 30 seconds to 1 min, this goes beyond average at 1 min 30 sec, too long. After seeing the advert I knew I wanted to blog about it as part of my creative industry but when it can to it I didn’t actually know what the advert was about in order to research it!. I even asked my mum, who also didn’t know, I had to wait for it to pop up again.

It seems a waist of time and talent if what your trying to advertise gets lost among the mash of unlikely 2d and 3D transforming characters, colour and smiling faces. Like kitt at the beginning? how does he coincided with any of the other characters? or muttly flying in to save the little house so out of place in the city. The whole thing felt like a random selection of characters from a child’s book and dvd collection. What a shame…

But on the up side it was nice to see a little of the process’s they went through to produce it.