The Game art and design module has been a big one. I’ve have thought about each role i have undertaken in the module and looked a bit deeper into what they actually mean.

Concept artist character / environment – Concept artists produce illustrations as a visual representation of an idea, vision and design before it is made into a final product.

Rigger – Rigging is a process of adding an internal skeleton to 3D geometry, prepared by a modeller ,to allow and in preparation for animating.

Texture Artist – Texture artists source and create textures for digital media. ( Applying colour and texture to a building)

Modeller- Modellers create 3D geometry that is used in computer graphics. In lager productions there are character/ creature modellers and hard surface modellers ( buildings and props)

Weight painter-  A process of selecting which vertex in a 3D mesh is influenced by each part of the rig when animated.

Character animator-  Specialises in bringing digital characters life and giving personality. The Character Animator typically reports to an Animation Lead or to an Animation Supervisor.

You could also say I was a Compositor to a degree.

Compositor – A compositor pulls together all the different renders to produce and tweak a finished outcome.

I found a useful book in the library ‘CG 101 ; A Computer Graphics Industry Reference’ Although the industry has dramatically expanded since the publishing of this book, it is very useful for CG milestones, tools of the trade and CG company profiles.