When I was waiting for a train in Leeds station my tutor pointed out an animated billboard. I can’t quite remember what it was advertising but it was about 12 eyes looking around and blinking. It was possibly for spec-savers or a company like that, but how long has this type of advertising been about? I had seen it before my tutor pointed it out but not actually taken notice of what it was. So are these new or old ways of advertising? Well finding that out is proving difficult. I suppose it is just moving the adverts from the TV into places with high footfall. We are more likely to pay attention to a moving 10 second image rather that a static poster.  From an industry perspective the companies can by slots to show their ad’s at curtain times of day, rather than having to purchase a static bill bored for say a whole moth or week. Also it is more likely that the owner of these billboards will be making a better profit displaying several animated advertisements from different companies in a day than from one static billboard used by one company.