District 9 is a fantastic example of integrating live action footage and animation. The aliens look like a cross between over grown grass hoppers and cockroaches. It is also a relief from the stereotypical thought that all aliens will come to kill us and take our planet.

The actors have very good eye alignment and interactivity with the animated characters that really make you believe that they are there. This was helped by using real actors to play the aliens to allow the main characters to play off their reactions and help give a realistic performance.

The weapons design are really nice in this movie, they aren’t over the top.

I really like the after effects of this gun, it creates a smoke cloud and within it bursts of electricity, giving a very alien effect.

I came accross a great website for the concept art to district 9 done by Greg Broadmore, David Meng and Leri Greer at Weta

The mother ship looks pretty amazing. It is incredibly detailed and blends in with the haze of the environment to give the illusion that it is hovering over the district, possibly done by using a program like After Effects.