When I decided to re design the alien, for this project, the first person I thought of for my inspiration was Giger, the creator of the alien creatures in the Alien movies. I am a big fan of his creations

I like his colours, the skeletal body structure remnant of the human body, the long fingers and vertebrae tail. The head shape is very alien, they have  no eyes or visible nose, but a mouth full of razor teeth.

As usual I over ambitious in the beginning, I had the idea of two types of alien, a type of brute and a master alien who unleashed these brutes on the crown like dogs. So I gathered a mix of aliens from movies, both humanoid and brute looking from the kind to the hostile to help me pull my idea into one alien concept.

The best way to find inspiration is to take a look at the weird and wonderful creatures that are out there.

After looking at Gigers creations I thought I would look at some bones and I thought dinosaurs and fossils would be an ideal place to look, in relevance to my brute idea.

The moodboard below is just a few inspirations for colours and textures for my alien.

This last mood board is some other interesting shapes and inspirations that i’d like to incorporate into my alien.