Our course received an E-mail from a student at Leeds City College who is studying Theatrical Special Effects, Hair and Media Make-Up. I asked her if she could help out with the shoot we did on the 18th, just to do my make-up for the close ups, nothing fancy, it helps her out and gives me some experience in collaborating in other professions. Although she could have made the wednesday shoot she unfortunately couldn’t make the following Wednesday and in order to keep continuity we needed her to do my make -up exactly the same on both days. So we had to cancel, but I am still consulting with her about an idea for my final scene. I’m thinking about some sort of human autopsy being undertaken by the aliens on my body. Thought I could have half my face skinned and maybe some other patches on my body, sometimes you need someone outside the box who might have other ideas and suggestions, so we have made an arrangement to meet and discuss our ideas and thoughts.

Jess’s Blog


It’s this sort of look that I imagine, but Jess may have some better ideas or something different.

Just a quick photoshop of my idea.

So I had a meeting with Jess and she seem very passionate and excited to do it for me. I’m glad we had a chat because she could bring some of her own ideas to the table. She said she could bring the makeup up into my hair line and expose some of my teeth, and maybe have a patch on my arm showing some tendons an bones! Very excited to get it done, just need to work out some dates in my diary and book the studio.