Identity lecturer

Intro historical concepts of identity
Intro foucault’s discourse methodology

Essentialism the traditional approach
Biological makeup makes us who we are
Post modernism theorists disagree . Why..?

Larger parts of the brain have a part in what type of person you are.
How how you look can give away if you have criminal tenancies?
Line of intelligence. The more vertical the line from your forehead to the chin suggest your are more intelligent.
Physiognomy legitimising ‘……….missed
Ref picture by hieronymous Bosch Christ carrying the cross

Historical faces of identity
– pre modern identiy – personal ident is a stable -difind by long standing role

Institutions determined ident, marriage, the church, government.
Who reports to who I.e farmer reports to landed gentry.

-modern identity – 19th and early 20th centuries.modern societies begin to offer a wider range of social roles. Possibility to start choosing your ident rather than born into it.
Charles baudelaire-the painter of modern life (1863)
Can tell by the way u dress if ur are a worker or in the leisure class. (expand)
-trickle down theory
The upper class is seen wearing the new fashions lower class try to emulate what the upper class are wearing. Distinction between lower and upper class.
Upper class can be lonely even with an upperclassman identity.
He suggest that cause of the speed and mutability ….

Class – came into being with the industrial rev. To be aware of your own class need to be aware of other classes around you. The work town project what is it?..1937 observing ppl..observing the lower class Northern ppl observing southern. Suggestion of uncultured ppl when not many ppl in the theatre, children playing with rabbit feet suggest can’t afford other toys.

Martin parr, the last resort- documents the world as he sees it. Lookin at pols lives from an upper class view.
Quote “society … Reminds one of a particularly shrewd, cunning and poker faced player in the game of life, cheating if given a chance , flouting rules………missed
Think of pictures, country identity, German eating sausage.
Alexander mc queen, highland rape collection 1995-6 – ment to be about the rape of Scotland. Making a statement of national identity and the British rape of Scotland.
Vivienne Westwood, anglomania collection, tartan a taunt at the Scottish. Adopting the tartan as English can be offensive to the Scottish.
Las vagus and Americans –

Race and ethnicity- chris ofili, no woman no cry,  questinin why there are no black superheroes and how it would be viewed by a white audience . captain shit
Mc queen getting called racist ?. For puttin African animal looking clothing on a black model.
Does the taunts on red heads date back to the outcast that was the red head Mary magdalen?.

Gender and sexuality
Annotate first slide……
“The fashion industry is the work not of women but of men”
The flapper – the female boy, gender stereotype of what women look like.
Candy Sherman – put her self in her photos, try’s to emulate the scenarios that women get placed in within film. Women in film are there to look beautiful and be objectified by men, have no effect on the plot.
Women as artists brakin into a male dominated. Have to separate themselves as an artist from the men, e,i tracy emin. putting ur self in the image pulls away from the gaze as you aren’t placing a woman for them to gaze upon.

The postmodern condition:liquid ………

Zygmunt baumamn.