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I’m really enjoying the new space we have. There is loads of room to spread out all my drawings, pin them on the wall and generally share our thoughts and ideas on each others projects. The light boxes have become a huge part of my design process, speeding up my progress considerably. Its good to have all your images pinned up in front of you to stand back and make notes and changes and to pin up reference material without having to scramble through several pages to find the image your looking for.

Today (30th jan) I put up all of my final designs to see what I have and still need to do and work on. Was nice to see the whole thing there in front of me, but for some reason it doesn’t seem a lot. I think I need to be a lot quicker in my design process, spending to long on it and need to get cracking on the modelling, seem to have fallen behind on my gantt chart, but it is still keeping me motivated and giving me bench marks to work to. As long as I have the my models done for final crit and hopefully textured I think i’ll be happy.