I was having a think about my final shot and a little cool idea popped into my head while I was visualizing the scene for my story board.

Seeing as I’m on the autopsy/ biopsy table in the shot, with half my face removed, I was wondering how I could imply interaction and thought that while one alien is examining my face another could be down by my feet prodding my toes with a sharp implement making them twitch. For my foot to react my body would have to still be alive, so I might vacantly blink like there is no brain activity, whether that’s due to the shock of a live biopsy, an alien drug or some catatonic state i haven’t decided.

It was a very quick model, only took me a few hours, i might still play around with the textures.

When designing this instrument I made sure to think about how many digits are on the alien hands and how they would hold them and position the fingers.

I might have to make a few adjustment to the finger pads when i have done the model to make sure it looks right and seems a familiar tool to them.