If you know me, you’d know I like to try and do as much as I can myself, but i’m going to try and branch out for help from other fields this time, not only to lighten the load slightly but to broaden my contacts and experience in collaborating. This should help me learn how to explain and get my ideas across to people clearly. You have to be well organised to collaborate with other fields, as in the industry time is money. Not only is time money but any lost time could be spent with other clients or potential clients. You may only have a small window to get a shot and being organised before hand help everything run a lot smoother.

In previous co-operative modules and getting to know who the dedicated people are, I am going to make sure I collaborate with people I trust to get the job done and to get it done right. At the end of the day their hard work will reflect on my movie, so I have a few people in mind that I know I can trust to get things done.