My original thought for my alien was for them to have two sets of rear legs and moved along the floor on both sets of legs. But looking at it now I really want to move away from the bug look. I think they would look to much like a spider or insect,  but I did like the idea of them also walking on just two legs also, the foward set of legs would push up off the floor putting them into the standing position and tucking the forward set around the back and tucked into the body. All though I really like that idea I think im pushing my self too much again. two sets of legs would me double the animation, double the weight painting and double the rigging, I have also considered adding a tail but this give me even more work. As much as I like to push myself to do all these outlandish ideas I want to make sure all the assets that we have to design are all to one standard. I dont want to spend weeks perfecting the animation of my alien and neglect all the other aspects of this brief. So my creatre will have the standard two arms and two legs, but with a twist.