The first idea i had for my fianl shat wast the idea that these aliens had come to earth in fource and had abducted the entire planets inhabitance. So there would be people being dragged of and beemend up all over the place. An the would would look deserted and silent as your zoomed out of earth.

Like this video only zooming out.

But then I had to think about how many ships there would need to be and how I would incorporate the green screen shot. So I decided to scrap that after a light hearted chat with a friend.

I thought I was being over ambitious again but after a quick chat with my tutor I think I can pull it off and I do like to push myself.

The alien autopsy, we have all heard the stories of Area 51 and alien landing and autopsies so I thought I would flip it around and  have the aliens doing an autopsy on humans in their ship. This idea was then reinforced when our course got an e-mail from a Theatrical Special Effects, Hair and Media Make-Up student looking to collaborate with film students….perfect.