I have been having trouble with modeling my ship. I have managed to model the overall shape using my image planes. But i had a problem with my image plane making sense in each of my window, i would line it up in one window but it would then make it out of line in the other. I think at some point I must have moved the camera by accident.

I was really stuggling with my model and as my tutor pointed out I had started with way to many polygons. This was making it difficult for myself to make the over all shape and taking far to long.

Within less than 10 minutes, after being show a simpler way, I had the shape of my ship which looked perfect in smooth mode. So i mirrored it and added the turbines and teleport.


Something I had to remember, the turbines will be rotating and they are circular, so the full around the turbine need to be circular too. A thought I had after I squashed the geometry of the hull. Need to remember the physical workings of these machines.

So the next stage is modelling the design onto the ship, something I have been concerned about since I drew the concept. I started extruding along the topology but that only meant I could have horizontal and vertical patterns.

They looked really good but i wanted the diagonal and stand alone markings. I did think about  just applying as a texture but I wasn’t sure if I could do that and still get the pulse through them.

I was getting really frustrated with it but after consulting with my class colleague , Andy Howden, he suggested applying like a sleeve to the outside of the hull, like extra pieces.

For a while I thought that it might work, I cut up sections and positioned them over the main body. But the more I did it just looked messy the lines were jagged and the panels looked loose like they would fall off.

I mentioned it again to Andy and he has looked into a solution and come up with this.

“By using a grey scale map on the glow attributes you can activate certain parts of your ship to glow and with a bump map included it looks pretty sweet ” Andy Howden.

It does look like the most effective way to achieve my idea, i’m just not entirely sure how to do it but i’m sure Andy will be kind enough to show me.