If i’m having trouble drawing something i’ll try and find another way of getting my idea across and at the moment thats doing a quick model in Maya and taking some shots to put in my sketch book.

Not really sure how I came across this image when I was looking for weapons but it gave me the idea for a double end club with this spherical metal hollow club on each end.

Rather than repeatedly waisting time trying to draw the shape only to rub it out I very quickly modelled the shape in Maya. This way it was proportionate and I could see how it would work in a 3D space.


My quick sketch of the weapon in question.

I like the idea of the alien having some kind of weapon, but after deciding on why they came to planet earth, weapons didn’t fit. They have come to collect as many of our species as possible for farming on their planet, so they wouldn’t really be violently attacking us but abducting  us. I had a little re-think of how I could introduce a weapon or staff, i thought that they could use it as a teleportation rod, projecting a beam that would teleport any organism hit up to the the ship. That idea felt a bit to much like a sorceress or wizard from a fantasy book casting magic from their staff. I was just trying to find an excuse to include it that really doesn’t fit with the concept, so i’ve decided to scrap the idea of a weapon.