I’ve always watched the visual effects in x-men the last stand with amazement and thought it would be silly of me not to look up more on the companies that did the visual effects.

So who was involved? two visual effects companies have appeared in my search, Framestore CFC and CIS Hollywood create.

Framestore is currently the largest visual effects and computer animation studio in Europe with over 600 staff, based in London’s Soho district, New York and Iceland. They produce a wide range of effects,
“Our teams have built up a formidable reputation across every imaginable digital discipline, from creatures to environments, from fur to feathers, from particles to characters.”

In 2008 they won a BAFTA and the Academy Award for Visual effects for the creation of the polar bears and environments in The Golden Compass. They also were nominated for the same awards for there work in The Dark Night and was the only UK facility given shots on Avatar which went on to win the 2010 Academy Awards for Visual effects.

Back to their involvement in X-men The Last Stand, it was the senior FX Artists, Sean Lewkiw, Ben Schrijvers and Joe Thornley at Framestore that up rooted the Golden Gate Bridge. To achieve this they used Houdini’s dynamics to create the simulations. For dust and smoke effects they also used Houdini and Mantra.

CIS Hollywood