For this brief I have made myself a gantt chart so I can see and plan the project ahead. Although I have fallen behind  on my schedule, it has kept me incredibly motivated. I tried to plan it as best as I could and giving myself the right amount of time on each stage but I think I have slightly over estimated the speed at which I do things. The chart is making me work faster but I need to be faster still that only comes with experience.
I feel I may have taken to long on my concept art but I wanted to build a more comprehensive design document than that of my game art and design module. But as a result I feel I am behind with my modelling. But it’s like anything in design, when do you know it’s actually finished? You could spend so long developing and tweaking. But saying that I feel I have produced quiet a detailed design document that if I were to pass it on , modellers and directors would get a good sense of what it is I ‘m trying to achieve.
I have made sure I have been collaborating but I would happily take on the whole thing myself but I do need to learn to trust others to do a good job and to help me expand on my ideas. I was feeling very defeated with my ship modelling, After making the initial shape I Needed to create the hull design and was adamant I didn’t want it to just be a texture. It was only after collaborating with a colleague that I found a different was to approach it so I could actually model the design onto the hull.
I will continue to collaborate but want to make sure I am not giving away jobs I can’t do or don’t want to do, I want to learn as much as I can and gain as much experience as possible before I leave the course.