Wednesday  with Amy

For my final shot I need some green screen fabric that I can cut and as fabric isn’t my thing I asked the help from one of the degree fashion students.
I explained it to my tutor and she said I needed a cotton, nothing with a sheen that might show different shades of green I f the sheet wasn’t flat as this would be harder to key out in AfterEffects
so Amy and I ( the fashion student ) took a short trip to the market and she helped me out with measurements and materials. I explained what I was intending to do with the material and how I would be laying n a high table.  I had intended to measure the table before I went but unfortunately it slipped my mind so she suggested 4 meters to be on the safe side and to allow for cutting.  So we got 4 meters of some light green cotton, the gentleman on the stall said that may have used the same material for green screening before.

Even so I want to give it a test run to make sure it keys out ok before, so that we won’t waist time setting up a full shoot and doing makeup for it not to work and having to re shoot.


The green screen

I might have gone a little overboard with the amount of fabric I bought but at least i have plenty to play with.

Just did a little test to make sure the green would key out ok, which it does.