Using music in AfterEffects.

After sourcing a heavy beat track we imported the track into AfterEffects, I admit i got a bit lost at points, but selecting the composite then using a generate effect and applying an audio waveform. Initially it draws up a line that bounces around the the music, a lot like a heat beat monitor shows you the beats of a heart. By setting the Audio layer to the audio track they too will be animated by the sound, say if you were to link it to size, using the pick-whip tool ( something i need to grasp more ) the object will increase and decrease with the beet. More effects can be aded like cc light waves, can give it a really cool effect.

Unfortunately when i did the screen recording of this I didn’t think about the sound being there to demonstrate it, but trust be its working.

I suppose I coud have found a use for this effect if I was going to use music or have some sort of alien heat monitor next top my autopsy table, but I cant see that I will actually use it this time round.

While I had time to play a little with AfterEffects I spotted the lightning simulation and had a little play at getting it to work. To actually get it to work and not just a static image you need to key the origin and path. I will take me while to get the hang of it, but i will in plenty of time before i need to use it for my beam.

Masking out

I struggled so much with mastering the pen tool you use to draw a mask and it made me very frustrated, but just remembering a few simple steps like clicking off screen before trying to more andy verts saves me thinking i’m totally useless at this program. It took me while to understand how i could manipulate the layers to get get the desired effect and now understand why annabeth says think of it as photoshop, once i grasped that it seemed to click. As part of the movie my alien ship hovers above the buildnig to need to know how to make one layer with the building and one with the sky so that in between i could put my ship in.

by using the pen tool i drew around the top of the building and inverted the mask so it masked the sky instead of the building.

By duplicating the layer you can put the complete layer at the bottom of the list, so that you still have the sky but you can now place and object in between.

I made a new solid so i could feather the edges of the mask to make it look softer and more natural.

Then using Annabeths ship in maya, i animated it to spin and drop down its laser, rendered out as a tiff sequence and imported into Aftereffects and placed it between the layer for the sky and the layer for the building so it looks like its flying over. I also cleaned up the shot, as there where several rain drops on the lens, just by using more masks and layers.

Green screen tutorial

I vagely remember doing a quick green screen tutorial in first year so was nice to have a refresher. We used a keylight effect to subtract any green from the footage. Altered the screen matt changing the whites white and the blacks black. Altering the pre blur softened the edges of the keyed out footage so it doesn’t look so cut out. In by fist image i think i blured it to much and pulled the choke in to far as he looks a bit thin, but think it looks better in the second image. Then playing with the curves we changed the lighting to reflect that of the image we chose to import making him fit in the scene much better.

Teleporting Jeff

att gave us some footage to do this tutorial, a back plate and some footage of jeff jumping and walking off set. with this footage we were about to make it feel like jeff was being teleported in the scene. To make the appear when we wanted we just keyed the opacity, one at 0 and a few seconds later at 100. This gave the illusion that she was gradually phasing in. Then by creating a solid and again keying the opacity and position we could make it appear that she was beaning teleported down in a beam of light.