Making textures is still something i’m practicing, trying to make them look real and unique. So using a mixture of the textures I have I had a play in photoshop and put them on to some prims in maya to see how the look on a 3D object.


These are hull texture tests, I want the ship to look scorched and scratched. The effects look good especially the burn marks. I wanted to test out Andy’s suggestion for making my markings.

This is a first for me so it’s taking a bit to get my head around. I created my own colour,bump and glow map and tried to recreate this effect.

Yeh it didnt go so well… I got the glow to work ….

But for some reason I cant get the bump to work…

Maybe I have done the map wrong, or just not ticking the right box somewhere. I’ll get the the bottom of it but think I need some help with it.