My liquid latex turned up and I’ve had a little play to see if it would be a possible solution for my membrane sheet.

I can see why Annabeth suggested it, I think on a large enough scale it would work but its not the perfect material. It sticks to it’s self like clingfilm and doesnt come apart very well and it isn’t the easiest to keep it from folding in on it’s self. Also it’s hard to get rid of any marks you make spreading it out.

I’m going to use the rest of the liquid as if i was making my membrane, adding a blue die to the solution too for my colour and see if I can come up with something. If it works I will hunt down some more before my shoot tuesday.

Okay so it didn’t work….I mixed some blue water colour paint with it and poured it onto a large sheet of plastic. The idea is for it to look like veiny membrane but it just looks like blue plastic. If i had thought about it a few weeks ago i could have consulted Jess , the special effects make-up artist i’m having for my final shot, she might have had some advice on how to go about it.

So on the shoot I am going to take the shot with the green screen sheet over me and the same shot with out the green screen. I thought that if the green screen doesn’t work I could try overlaying a texture with an alpha because i’d like to see the outline of my body underneath the membrane.