I’ve been looking into how I am going to achieve some of the effects I have planned in my storyboard. I have heard a lot about Video Copilot so I have taken a look through some of the tutorials and found these would be useful.



Speed Particles 

Transport from ship

The idea is that The ship doesn’t land but it’s passengers ( the aliens ) are ejected using this ball of energy. Now this is one of the scenes I still might have to cut but if I have time I will do it.

Ideally I would like the pavement to crack a little and some energy to fizzle out in the floor, a little bit of dust but i have a feeling its going to be a big job. I had a look at some tutorials on Video Copilot to see how I would approach it.


Light Chasing

Meteor Crash

For the interior of my ship I would like to see some sort of smog of fog and shallow water.


ooo i could have some breath coming out of the aliens mouth.

Frosty breath

3D ocean

Got some interesting ideas, looks like i have my work cut out for me.