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I was looking forward to this shoot because I got to have some wicked special effects make-up! I had a good crew that was on it and that I trusted to get the job done. We set up at nine and wrapped up and packed up by about 1.30 make-up and everything. Jess did a great job at my make-up and wish her all the best in her career.

I printed of the story board for my final scene, of the set needed putting up and the idea behind it, so that the crew could see and visualise what I wanted to achieve. I think it worked really well as I didn’t have to take to much time up explain it.

We encountered some minor problems, the ceiling was too low for the crane shot I wanted but that was averted by taking away the table I was laying on, doesn’t matter about continuity because I was on a green screen. The only other thing was not having enough lights on set to eliminate all the shadows on the green screen. When i was trying to keep my eyes open for several seconds my eyes would water, so needed a touch up and try not to get it on the green screen. But I trust the crew did their best for me XD

Thanks to;

Chris Luk – camera operator

Ross Johnston – camera, lights and vfx supervisor

Mary Jean Oliver – set hand

Ben Mayfield – crane operator

For helping me out.