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I was only supposed to be doing the one shoot on thursday but we got a phone call from Cam in the morning asking if we were shooting so we had an extra hand and ended up doing his shoot in the afternoon

This was another job for Jess the make-up artist. Mary wanted me to look mummified and dusty, to blend and overlap from my normal make-up to the mummified make-up with some other aftereffects magic for effect. Again no major problems, setting up was getting quicker as we had been doing it all week. The Make-up artist was a little late, so we did the normal make-up shoot before hand so we wasn’t waisting time. I enjoyed the make-up side again, was interesting and not something you get to do everyday.

Cam’s shoot was long, I wasn’t prepared for it and I don’t think Cam was fully prepared. There was four of us helping in the morning but mary had to leave in the afternoon leaving Chris the only one behind the camera as my self and Cam needed to be in front acting. If we had more warning we could have got more help. I had to wing some of my script but we managed to get done but this made packing up a rush and hard work only getting it back just  in time.

one of the main concerns was the green roll off on the sofa from the green screen, that will automatically get keyed out when he keys out the green. Probably the best way to tackle it would be to mask out the sofa and have it as a separate composition.