There is something I have found out about myself while being on this course… I really really don’t like UV mapping! especially organic shapes. If I thought about it I would have asked someone else to do it as I haven’t really had much help in return for filming. But I guess it means allowing myself to trust other people to get the job done and done right to take the pressure off myself.

My Alien UV took me the best part of two days, toooooo long! I can do hard surface modelling much better and faster.

I tried a few different textures on my model but this cracked wood paint caught my eye so I tried a few different way that I could use it. I saw a picture of some baked cheese with flecks of blue that I thought would be really fun to use but I couldn’t get it to work right unfortunately

So i played with different variants of colour with this cracked wood paint texture.

At the moment the colour i have on my alien is a yellowy brown. But it might change when i get it in the shot for the final scene, but only playing with colour balance and levels. I could also use this to give individuality to the few aliens I put in shot.

When murging the seems of my alien together i was finding that the uv map was moving with it giving it some rather undesirable effects..

But we figured it out, i was Selecting the edge loop from each component and then merging with the merge tool. This was merging the edges and sewing the UV edges in the UV texture editor! making a mess of my texture!

So after consulting Annabeth we discovered that it needed to be in vertex mode then merging the vertex and the UV stayed in place.

Texturing is really not my thing, I found I was getting sloppy with it and doing things half heartedly. It got to the point where i had to walk away and call it done. I’m not happy with it at all but there comes a point where you have to step back and say its done…

I added a slight bump map just to give the skin and cracks a little lift.

I tried using a blinn but it felt to slippy, wanted to keep away from the snake skin of fish scale look.

So here’s the final render prievews might turn up the bump map a little more and ask advice on how to make it pop a bit more.