I am so much more familiar with Maya now and can work my way around the interface quite quickly. I was finding it hard to model and extruded from the torso polygon like i did with Alexis, my last model i did, my brain couldn’t grasp where to go next, so I broke all the body parts down into sections;

  • Face
  • neck
  • chest
  • waist
  • hips
  • back side
  • leg
  • ankle
  • toes
  • arm
  • hand
This was so much more manageable and less over whelming, if I was struggling with one section I would take a brake by starting on a new section and go back to it later. I just needed to start each new poly with the right amount of edge loops to merge them later.

I wanted to make sure the nails had a nice curve to them so I thought that the best way to achieve it was to use a bend deformer from the animation menu. It was quicker than moving edge loops and vertex about and this way it has a much smoother effect.

For the spinal protrusions I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I new the way I was doing it was not very good practice. I added edges without full edge loops and also adding edges were making some polygons five sided shapes which aren’t very good at all. So I asked Matt, what the best way around it would be. Selecting the face he extruded across the face,  and then outward and worked from there. much better way of keeping tidy topology. I have been using this technique on other aspects of my model.

I kept reverting to smooth preview to see how it looks as I intend to smooth out the geometry after i’ve finished modelling. After combining everything I found I was having trouble working out how to connect the arm. I think this was because of the angle of it being by the side in a relaxed position i should have done it out to the side. But this was a quick fix, I just detached from the elbow and re positioned the arm to fit to the shoulder and cleaned up the Geom.

After i completed one side of the model i did the helmet. Trying it on my alien i decided i didn’t like it, i felt it looked odd just having one part of the body armoured so I removed it.

I have had several people comment on the legs of my creature, saying they look like they are on backwards. I really like the legs! They look alien!! But… I thought I had best try turning them around to see how they look. It looked to humanoid to me and with the feet in that direction the balance looks off and I really like the feet !

The face was quite easy after doing the rest of the body. It just took a while to get the fangs and funnelled mouth to look right and I used the technique that Matt showed me for the spinal protrusions for the brow, jaw and eyes and find it works really well!

So overall I am pretty happy with my alien, the part I am least happy with is the chest. Don’t for some reason it doesn’t feel right, I should have looked into the design a bit more but maybe I can change it at a later date.