I thought I did a good job on un wrapping the UV for my table that was until I put it on for size.

I had very prominent seams and as the texture was quite distinct in places it was had to sort this in the UV texture Editor or photoshop, so Annabeth suggested the 3D Paint tool. Using the clone setting I was able to paint over the seams. After painting the seams I wanted to change the colours and add some other layers to it. Took a little time to find where it was saving the new texture to but back tracking source’s we found it in the 3D paint textures so it was just a case of opening it in photoshop and re- importing it. I just need to think longer about where to cut the UV’s so that it doesn’t take so long to tidy up next time.

I discovered something about the multiply layer option in photoshop, the lighter areas like in the blue texture, were more transparent and let more colour through and the darker, less. This gave a brilliant multi-tonal effect without having to spend hours painting and colour correcting! defiantly a trick to remember.

Up until this project I have only used a lambert or blinn shader but I thought I would try something different and jackpot! I wanted my table to feel organic, flesh like and the Anisotropic shader did the trick! it gave it a slimy look fleshy look, perfect!

I hadn’t thought about using a bump map until I saw the texture and shader on the model, it felt flat but I didn’t want to go mad with bumps on everything. So……..

…did my bump map, made the veins darker to pull them inwards as black pulls in and white pushes out. I applied the bump map to the shader and took a quick look at the render preview and it was quite a strong bump, so i just had to play with the levels to get it right.

The combination of the Anisotropic shader, bump map and some lights in the scene make my table look wicked!!! super happy with it, just hope I can pull the rest off!