Simple…i said to myself keep your ship simple! well i thought i did. I have had a few problems with it which i have explained in earlier posts and i’ll get to other problems further on in this post.

I tested the bluish colour on the hull and decided it didn’t look right but i liked the patchy hull.

I tried on the strips and took me a while to shift them around to get them to look clean and crisp and to join right. To be honest they don’t look great, i would have much rather modelled them than texture but I tried that. The textured strips just don’t look right. But at this stage i cant spend any more time on it.

Once I had sorted the texture I changed the base colour to a more grey stone/ metal color, did a bump map and a glow map and added them to a blinn shader.

This looks much better in the grey colour, i added a bluish specular too for added sheen.

There are several areas in the red lines that are messy and I hate that they are, but I just had to walk away or I would have spent many more hours on it when I should be working on getting it in Aftereffects. The areas that are un sightly will only be seen for a second then hidden behind the building in my film, so I have let alone for now.

The glow map works quite nicely but I had to leave it at just a glow and not a pulsing wave of light that I wanted in my original design. Only because of time and the fact that this is is a VFX module and not a maya module. So i have made a few cuts I felt wont hurt to leave out so i can focus more on the VFX.