I was becoming increasingly aware that several people were yet to shoot their final footage with me and I was getting very concerned that i would have to act for people too close to deadline, when I should be working on my own film. So… after repeated reminders and requests for people to book me I had to take it upon myself to  set a deadline for recording footage with me acting. This wasn’t me taking control of other peoples project but me taking control of my work load and worry levels. So I sent an e-mail through Mike stating that I wouldn’t be able to film after the evening of Thursday the 23rd of Feb…Well all of the remaining people left it till the last day to shoot. I kind of expected it and wont volunteer for anything like this again unless its handles more responsibly and professionally. It was a very long and trying day! started off with us having no equipment until 1 pm! and I felt only a couple of the seven people on set were motivated and co-operative, many hands should have made light work.

I acted for five people that afternoon starting with Coral then Zoe, Inonge, Steve and Freddie.No one really had a specific role on set. I came away with a few bruises and bumps, mainly from Freddies shoot. One of his final shots is me jumping out the back of a drop ship, I really needed to jump and land on it and a little crash mat and a couple of cushions wasn’t enough to protect myself. Something to bare in mind for the future. The size of the room made it hard to light the green screen properly and not a lot of room to set out the equipment without restrictions. Again I think it was down to poor planning, consideration and organisation.

This post might not seem the most positive of blogs but it was a very hard shoot, physically and mentally, at least now I don’t have to worry about concentrating on anyone else’s work but my own.

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