I was having trouble on Tuesday ,getting on with my Maya stuff in the mez due to technical problems, so I decided to record some of my sounds for my final shot. It didn’t take long and Chris and Mary helped me and Ben popped along later and they also got me to record for them. To give an eerie vibe in the final shot I wanted some disturbing moans and cries coming from somewhere else in the ship from other captives. So I got Mary to do a cry and Chris and Ben to do some man screams and moans, I also did some screams and cries. I thought I could change the sound levels so they sound closer and further away, also I could muffle some so they sound like they are in another part of the ship. I’m hoping this will give the illusion that other people have been captured and are undergoing some gruesome and pain full experiments.

Mary got me to do some wails of pain for her end scene when I turn to dust, that was hard. I takes a while to let go and not to be embarrassed in front of your friends, I might haves sent them out the room for a bit while I did some of those recordings,ha ha. Mary explained how she wanted it to sound but

Chris got me to record a suprised scream for when I get eaten, I did several veriations for him to choose from and Ben came along and asked me to record “seriously” for his end shot.

We haven’t used the sound booth very much and we have struggled every time to get the microphone to detect and get the inputs right, so we took a screen shot for future reference.