Originally I was pleased with the design of my alien, but the more I look and animate my finished product I see aspects that could have been better. I have blogged about the issue with the legs but i have some changes I would have made if i had a lot longer to work on the model.

Standing back and looking at my alien model now, the proportions need tinkering. I would make the legs and arms much thicker , the torso seems proportionate  but the hips need to be slightly bigger or chest smaller.

I wanted to animate the tentacles to sway with the movement of the creature and also animate the fingers. I had applied bones to the fingers but had missed controls for them. At the end of the day you only really see the alien for a few second in the film, so all the extra bits i’ve missed would probably not have bin visible and therefor not the best use of the time I have.

Once I rigged and weight painted I rendered out a few poses.

originally i wanted to do a turn table in unity, but i thought it was just as quick to animate a camera and rotate the geometry in maya. Also I can export it in high res, unity doesn’t always do textures justice. I put in a light for atmosphere, think it looks pretty cool.