After making the decisions to cut out my final shot of the long corridor of the interior i decided to tack the top off to make it easier to manoeuvre cameras and objects around. I Use the same texture as my table so it was in keeping with the organic nature and applied a bump map to it.

Originally I wanted the base of the interior filled will dirty water. Unfortunately my knowledge of water in maya is zero and it looked terrible in a render out.

Te water just didn’t work for me at all. I really needed to follow a tutorial or have help from one of the tutors but never got round to it. By this time I needed to move onto the next stage of the project as I was spending too much time in maya, so unfortunately I had to ditch the water. Water is something I will further experiment with.

After setting up the camera I could see what was exactly going to be rendered out so I cheekily manoeuvred  the UV map around for the best patch of the texture.

Having put another table in the background i thought it would look good if I added some depth of field, keeping the table in the foreground spare and the one in the background  slightly blurred. But i couldn’t get it to work, myself and Matt from 3rd year tried to get the depth of field to work on the camera with no luck.

We measure the distance from the camera to the focal point to input the measurement into the camera, although it still didn’t work.

I was wasting time trying to get it to work so I had to abandon that also. I could add depth of field in after effects by masking if i’m that worried about it.

Once I got the speed and the distance of the camera right I did a play blast of both shot to add to my rough cut.

Side shot

Top shot