There has been a lot of concern about how my alien would walk given the way I have designed the legs. It has a backwards knee and backwards foot walking on two large sloth like claws.

When I chose to designing an organic creature I should have take more into account the mechanical and biological workings of the body. I figured my alien would walk like a flamingo or a human walking backwards

Flamingos going for a walk

Something I didn’t notice was another part of the leg hidden under the feathers. At the top of the leg is another bone, if I had noticed this sooner I would have added it to the design.

But we our selves can walk backwards so my design isn’t a total loss. I wanted my walk to be  awkward anyway, un easy and heavy.

The alien in Independence day has a similar walk tot he way imagined mine to walk. It too has a backwards knee and foot.


To get a grasp of where i think my skeleton rig needs to be placed i did a mock up of where i think the should go on some screen shot of my alien geometry.